Get started with Blog

With the Editor's native Blog feature you can author your own posts and engage with visitors through blog comments. Having a blog also benefits your website's search engine ranking and helps drive more traffic.

A blog post can contain text, a featured image, an image gallery, and files for download. Adding the Blog catalog module to one or more places on your website allows you to show your posts to visitors. Posts are easily organized and filtered using customizable category tags to help you display the exact content you wish.

  Blog posts per page

Blog posts can be quite heavy and it's therefore recommended to have less than 20 blog posts per page to ensure a good user experience and to keep a high page speed for the website. If you have more than 20 blog posts it's recommended that you use the category tag functionality to organize the blog posts on several pages. 


Steps to set up Blog on your website

Walk through the steps below to successfully set up a blog on your website (click the links for more details):

  1. Add your first blog post
  2. Categorize your blog posts using tags
  3. Add the Blog catalog module on your website
  4. Style the appearance of your blog catalog and posts  
  5. Manage visitor comments on your blog posts 
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