EU-US Privacy Shield - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the implications of this ruling? 

The new ruling will have complex implications for data sharing between the EU and US. The Privacy Shield was created in 2016 and allowed businesses in the European Union and the United States to move data more easily between the two regions. More than 5,000 companies use the system and the economic implications are huge.

On the legal side, American and European officials are expected to negotiate a new deal for transferring digital information between the EU and US. Meanwhile, various business groups are working for a 'grace period' that will allow companies to find new legal mechanisms to continue moving data.

Where can I read more about the privacy shield ruling? 

You can read more about the privacy shield ruling in the official Court of Justice of the European Union press release on the matter. 


How does the ruling affect systems and service provided by Mono?

As a technology provider, Mono Solutions works on a global basis - both providing systems and services to companies globally, as well as working with third-party providers. The ruling limits our ability to transfer digital information between the EU and the US.

Mono’s response has been to ensure appropriate and adequate replacement mechanisms. Standard contractual clauses are currently being implemented for all relevant parties. At Mono, it is always a top priority to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant legal regulations, as well as secure the rights of all data subjects. As a result of these changes, we will update our privacy policy to reflect the new situation, and all partners will be notified when that happens

Is Mono still part of the Swiss-US Privacy Shield?

The Swiss-US Privacy Shield is still valid. Therefore, in parallel with the aforementioned initiatives, Mono remains a member of the Privacy Shield framework, which presumably is being updated to comply with the new CJEU ruling.

Is your question not covered in the FAQ?

Kindly file a ticket with your questions for our Service Desk team, and they will get back to you. Please note that as questions come in, we’ll also continuously add additional questions & answers to this FAQ. 

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