Adding a template to a website

After you've created templates in your local template library, you can add them to new or existing sites. There are three ways in which you can apply a template to a site.


Add template to new site

The first option is to apply a template when creating a new account. At the bottom of the account creation page, you can select the relevant template from the dropdown. Both global and local templates will show in the list.   


Add template to existing site

It is possible to apply a template to an existing site at any time. However, this process will overwrite all existing content.

Applying the template is done from the Account page. Navigate to the Overview tab and click on the Site ID of the site you wish to apply the template to. To apply a template, click the Copy From Template button. You can then choose whether you want to save the site's Global Data, which template you want to apply (start by looking for the Heading and then the source template), and finally you can decide whether you want to copy the entire template or simply the design.

Copy entire template: this overwrites both the global design and all the content (pages, images, texts) on the website, replacing it with that of the selected template. 

Copy design: this overwrites the global design on the website, replacing it with the design of the template applied. Any content on the website will remain untouched. 


  Overwrite warning

Please note that once a template has been copied to a site, all existing content and design on the site is overwritten with the template content and design. This action cannot be undone.


Add templates to batch-created sites

When creating sites through batch production, it is possible to define the Template ID for each site so that the site will be started on that specific template. Learn more about automated batch production of sites here

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