Templates are vital for optimizing workflows and minimizing time spent on design tasks before handing over a website to a customer.  

Instead of starting from scratch each time a new site is being built, having a set of pre-constructed templates to choose from enables you to quickly generate an advanced starting point for the site. 

Since templates in Mono consist of an assembly of modules put together and styled in a specific way, it is easy to modify the template to fit specific design and content requirements of individual customers.

Think of a template as a set of LEGO bricks put together in a specific way. Depending on what you want your website to look like, bricks can easily be added or removed.


A template is built just like a normal site in the Editor, but cannot have subscriptions attached to it. After you have attached a template to a site, you can add and remove content elements as you wish until you reach the desired result.  

The best way to work with templates is to define and build a library that contains several templates based for example on the business categories you serve or the types of design/layout you want to offer. Each template in the library should be pre-configured and designed to match specific needs of different business categories.

  Get started with your template library

Read this article to learn more about working with templates and how to start building up your own template library. 

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