How to create, manage and change Editor User Roles

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From Wednesday, 04.09.2019



Q1: Is there a limit on how many user roles I can create?

A: There's no limit on how how many user roles you can create in RAI. However, it's not recommended to create a lot of different editor user roles. The Editor User Role feature is among others created to make it easier to get an overview of the limitations your customers have and thereby make it easier to communicate to your customers based on the options in the Editor. It's recommended to have different Editor User Groups based on to match your customers different levels of technical understanding.


Q2: Will the Editor User Roles affect V5 sites?

A: No, the Editor User Roles will only affect sites using the new improved interface. This include sites that have been upgraded/converted from V5 to the new improved interface and sites created directly on the new improved interface. 


Q3: What will happen when Mono migrates all our sites from V5 to the new improved interface?

A: The behavior is exactly the same as when you manually upgrade/convert a V5 site - the sites will by default use the diy generic Editor User Role


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