Recommended Website Testing Tools

For small business clients with an Websites testing tools can be a great way to start a sales conversation.

We’ve put together a few website testing tools that can be useful in preparation for sales conversations with small business clients that already have a business website.

Online testing tools

1. Google Page Speed: This is a great base tool to test the initial performance and speed of the website, and provides concrete suggestions on how to improve the website that you can use as a basis for your sales conversation.

2. Mobile Page Speed: With consumers increasingly turning to their mobile devices, mobile page speed is crucial to driving business. According to a study by Google, 53% of mobile site visitors will leave if a mobile site site takes more than 3 seconds to load. Use this test to see how your prospect’s website performs!

3. Google Lighthouse: Use Google Lighthouse to test for the latest standards in modern website design, including accessibility, SEO, progressive web apps (PWA), overall performance and more.

4. Google Structured Data Testing Tool: Use the Structured Data Testing Tool to see if a website has any content that is marked up with micro data tagging/ mark-up. This test reveals exactly what structured data is marked up on the website, and thereby usable in traditional, local and voice search.

5. Google Rich Results Test: Similar to the Structured Data Testing Tool, the Rich Results test gives you an indication of whether a website is eligible to provide rich results, for example in search engine result pages (SERPs) and voice search.

6. W3C Validation: Use this W3C validator to check that the HTML code that the website is built upon leverages up-to-date web standards and ensures the technical quality of all web pages on a site.

7. SEO Checker: Is the website missing H-tags? What about alt-texts? Use this SEO checker to evaluate what key SEO fields your SMB clients website is missing and overall see how well the website is optimized for search.

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