Introduction to Mono API

The Mono API is divided into several legs to make it easier for you to find and execute the desired type of action. 



With the Mono HAL API, you can perform an extensive range of actions related to multi-site management, for example create sites, add and manage subscriptions, register domains, enable SSL, and much more. 

Find the Mono HAL API documentation here.


Mono Site API

With the Mono Site API, you can perform various actions in the Editor such as adding, editing and deleting settings and Global Data. The Site API also covers additional Mono products managed through the Editor, for example E-commerce and Blog.

Find the Mono Site API documentation here.


Mono Tracking API

The Mono Tracking API allows you to easily set up tracking for custom events – such as number of links clicked, number of forms sent, number of files downloaded, etc. - or adding any third-party providers.

Find the Mono Tracking API documentation here


Got questions?

Make sure to check out our API Frequently Asked Questions.

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