How to add global data short codes to page SEO and Alt text fields

The Global Data and Global Design features in the Mono Platform can help speed up fulfilment. 

The Global Data section serves as the central data hub for effortless, convenient data management. Mono Partners can add in the company name, address, contact details, opening hours and much more for their customers. This global data hub connects to and automatically updates all relevant areas of the website; including rows, columns, and modules with global data, but also page SEO and alt text fields using global short codes. 


When adding global data short codes to SEO fields, especially in template creation, this can save fulfilment teams time, by ensuring the SEO fields are filled in and updated with the most up-to-date company information. 


Watch how to add global data short codes to page SEO and alt text fields below:



In the video above, you can see that to use global data short codes for SEO and alt text makes use of global data fields such as company name, city, business category, and short company description. You can see additional examples below:


Need additional examples of generic, versatile texts for homepage SEO fields?

Some examples of generic, but versatile texts for Page Tile in the SEO section include:

  • [company_name] - [business_category] in [city]​
  • [business_category] in [city] - [company_name]​
  • Meet your new [business_category] in [city] with [company_name]​
  • Your neighborhood [business_category] in [city] | [company_name]​
  • Best [business_category] in [city]​
  • [company_name] - Your local [city] [business_category]​
  • Get to know [company_name], your local [business_category] in [city]

An examples of what you could start with in the SEO keyword section include:

  • [company_name] [city], [business_category] [city]​


And examples of what you could add under the Page Description include: 

  • We at [company_name] are your local [business_category] in [city]. [mission]. You can contact us at [phone]. ​
  • We at [company_name] are your local [business_category] in [city]. ​
    [description_short]. Get in Touch: Connect with us at [phone] for more information and inquiries.


Remember: If the initial template is intended for widespread use across industries, the text needs to be quite generic. If the template is more industry based, the standard text can be tweaked to better fit the industry. 


And it is also important to note that you are not limited to the above global data short codes. 


Create additional custom global texts in Mono Editor.

In Mono Editor, you can create additional global texts for use across your website, including in the page SEO and alt text fields. 

For example, you could create texts about your SMB customers' products and/or services, add taglines, and much more and then use these texts on the website, in the page SEO fields, and alt text descriptions as desired through global tags and short codes. 


Custom global data.png


Remember: If you fill in the SEO and alt text fields in the initial template by using a balance of standard, versatile text and global data short codes, these fields will automatically be updated with the correct company information with each additional use of the template. 

Speed up the process of creating well-designed sites with an efficient and effective use of global data in template creation. 

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