Where do I get my user token?

Question: Where do I get my user token? I don't have one or it's not working?

Answer: Your user token is given to you by Mono via a secrets vault. If you have not received one yet then please speak to your Mono representative.

If you have a token but it seems to be invalid then please check which reseller you are accessing. Each token will only allow access to one reseller, unless you have sub-resellers in which case you can also access their sites. It's possible that you are using a token for either a test environment or a live environment incorrectly.


Can I see logs of my API calls?

Question: Can I see the logs of my api calls?

Answer: We log all API calls for a period of one month. If you require debugging help, or for us to investigate our logs for something, please contact Mono support for assistance. 


Template rules and flatten

Question: What does 'flatten' do and when should I use it?

Answer: One click sites and sites using template rules have dynamic content. As content is added or removed from the 'Content' section of the site, the layout of the website can change dynamically. This is usually at the expense of having a build menu since we don't want end users changing the logic behind the dynamic templates.

Flatten is an api call which will take the current layout and state of the site and remove all the template rules. Any further changes to the 'Content' section of a site will no longer change the layout and structure of the website. 


File upload and limit

Question: What is the file upload limit via the API?

Answer: The file upload limit is the same as if you were trying to update via the editor, 25 megabytes.


Concurrent users

Question: How many users can log into a site at once?

Answer: There are no limits to the number of users accessing a site. However as it's possible for 2 or more users to work on the same module and page at once, we'd recommend against it so someone doesn't overwrite someone else's changes.

As an aside, only one username and password can be created for a site at this time. Using the apiLogin command can effectively allow multiple users with different usernames to log in however.

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