The Mono server setup is built to scale with multiple locations around the globe. This ensures maximum site and Editor performance from any location in the world. The two main elements of the setup are:

  • Geo-replicated backends
  • Local caching and HTTP2/SSL offloading nodes (CDN)


Geo-replicated backends

The Mono software application (also referred to as the 'web presence solution') is hosted at secure facilities in the Europe, North America and Australia. The Editor and the API are served from these locations. All site content is mirrored and backed up between our backend locations. Additionally, we also maintain an off-site backup. In a failover scenario we are able to switch between backends, allowing for higher content availability.


Local caching and HTTP2/SSL (CDN)

All Mono sites are hosted on a secure and multi-redundant content delivery network (CDN) based on BGP/Anycast IPs. This includes the content of the individual websites. The CDN has multiple nodes and fallback nodes located across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The CDN ensures optimized load speed for both the Editor and sites no matter where they are located. The CDN also lowers latency and ensures maximum uptime of customer sites as each node acts as a local failover server.

List of current node locations in our CDN:

  • Frankfurt
  • Amsterdam
  • Chicago
  • Marseilles
  • Los Angeles
  • Singapore (x2)
  • Toronto

 For each location, we have a minimum of two nodes (servers/virtual machines). Additional CDN node locations can be added quickly based on partner location. Mono partners also have the option to host sites themselves using their own infrastructure.


Backup restore

Mono provides an API-based snapshot service which allows site owners and fulfillment teams to restore a site up to 30 edits back (default). In this case restoration is immediate. Additionally, Mono does a server-side backup on a daily basis for the past week, as well as weekly backups for the past month, and lastly monthly backups that are kept for up to 24 months. In cases where a full-site restoration beyond 30 edits back is required, Mono will resolve it as a raised issue by terms set forth in our SLA.


Security, IP & technology

Mono adheres to all standards and regulations regarding security using best-in-class hosting facilities. Mono operates with our own IP range which provides our CDN setup with further protection from DDoS attacks as well as fast and secure failover procedures. Dedicated, partner-specific IPs are available and supported across our global CDN. The platform runs on an optimized PHP code base, which is updated and sanitized on an ongoing basis. The high stability and availability of the platform is unprecedented among industry standards.



We monitor all our services using state-of-the-art and robust SaaS-based monitoring services. You can also monitor the current status of our systems at any time on our Status Page.  


SSL certificates & HTTP2

SSL certificates are a fundamental component of website security and websites that are encrypted with an SSL certificate are not only favored by Google but sites that are not encrypted will soon face penalty in search results. Additionally, sites with SSL certificates hosted by Mono will automatically have HTTP2 enabled, which dramatically increases website performance. SSL certificates are administered via RAI. Mono provisions Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates in a fully automated process, providing all the SEO and security benefits of traditional SSL authorization. Mono only charges a small fee to administer the provisioning and renwal of certificates for your customers’ sites. 

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