The Quick Creator AI flow

In this article, we cover:

  1. Introduction to the Quick Creator AI flow
  2. Steps in the Quick Creator AI flow
    1. Login
    2. Google Business Profile search*
    3. Business Details
    4. Template selection
    5. Tell us more about your business
    6. AI Content Creator*

1. Introduction to the Quick Creator AI flow

Quick Creator AI is designed to be a streamlined, centralized tool Sales teams can use to create tailored mock websites for prospective SMB clients in minutes, leveraging AI-generated content.

The simple, intuitive flow guides users through website creation; including auto-filling prospect information found with a Google Business Profile search, choosing from a selection of pre-designed templates, answering built-in prompts, and, if applicable, reviewing and approving AI created content.

It is important to note, that there is an overarching flow, but no one set flow. The Quick Creator AI flow is dynamic, adjusting the flow to the type of template and the specific template selected. In the Quick Creator AI flow, you can choose between Standard or AI templates. This choice, of course, impacts the flow. However, it is also the choice of template that impacts the questions and content presented in the Quick Creator AI flow. Let's review each of the steps to see how dynamic and customizable the Quick Creator AI flow can be. 


2. Steps in the Quick Creator AI flow

  1. Login

    QC AI flow - login.png

    Quick Creator AI provides a faster, simpler method to log in and create sites. Now, sales teams can be guided through a simple flow to create sites, without having to be onboarded to learn the extensive functionality of our website builder or Reseller Admin Interface.

    Mono Partners can use the login and password information created in RAI to log into Quick Creator AI. 

  2. Google Business Profile search*

    Q AI flow - utilize -before search.png

    Once logged in, the first part of the flow is Utilize public business details for quick website creation. Simply select the Country of the prospect, type in the company name, and click Search.

    The search is powered by Google Business Profile. If the prospect company has created a Google Business Profile, they should appear in the list of results. 

    QC AI flow - utilize public business details.png

    The user can then select the correct company from the results. Click Next to be directed to the Business Details page. 

    Note: It is possible to skip this step. One reason that a user might skip this step is if the prospect does not have a Google Business Profile. If that is the case, this step can be bypassed and the user can manually enter information in Business Details. 

  3. Business Details

    QC ai flow - business details.png

    If the user has used the Google Business Profile-powered search, the information will be auto-filled both on this Business Details page as well as on applicable areas of the created site. 

    As a prospect's Google Business Profile might not include all information required for this page, a user may need to manually enter the missing information. (Note: It is possible to use placeholder emails and phone numbers if you cannot find this information about your prospect. It is just important to remember that this information will appear on the created site). 

    Or, if the user skipped the Google Business Profile search, they can manually enter all prospect information here. 

  4. Template selection

    QC AI flow - Design flow.png

    In this section, you have the option of choosing between AI and standard templates. Mono Partners have full discretion on the templates that appear here. 

    Templates are created in RAI and built in Mono Editor. When ready for use, templates are added to the Quick Creator AI flow, and set to the AI (or standard) flow in RAI. 

    Whether you choose an AI or Standard template dictates the rest of the flow. 

    1. AI Templates

      Select an AI template for quicker, more relevant content tailored for the prospect.

      If an AI template is selected, the specific template also impacts the questions presented on the Tell Us More About Your Business Page as well as the content presented in AI Content Creator. This is due to the AI template's AI enriching questions and AI tags. 

    2. Standard Templates

      The Quick Creator AI flow does support standard, non-AI templates as well. Selecting a standard template will shorten the flow, as AI content will not be generated. Instead, the user is directed to fill out information on the Tell us more about your business page

  5. Tell us more about your business

    • AI flow

      To help the AI to understand the specific offerings of a business, there are built-in prompts, or questions, in the Quick Creator AI flow to generate more tailored and relevant content. Typically, the more information provided, the more relevant the content. 

      Tell us more about your business 1.png
      Tell us more about your business 2.png

      The built-in prompts are as follows:

      1. What type of business is it?*
      2. What is the Language of the site?*
      3. What year was the company established?
      4. What is the company mission?**
      5. What type of services are being offered?**
      6. What type of products are being offered?**
      7. Company description (short)**
      8. Logo

*Indicates a mandatory question

**Indicates a mandatory question that can be disabled in the Template's Editor website settings

However, this section can be customized to meet the needs of the template (and the user). If the flow is too long, or if a question (e.g. about products or services) is irrelevant, some questions can be removed (disabled). These questions are 4,5,6,7. Note. 

To enable or disable these questions:

      1. Login in to the specific template
      2. Click the Settings icon in the Editor and select Settings. 
      3. Under Website Settings, select Questions to enrich AI's knowledge 
      4. Select or deselect the desired questions
      5. Click Save
      6. Click Publish

The questions on the Tell Us More About Your Business page in the Quick Creator AI flow have now been updated for this particular template.

    • Standard flow

      QC AI FLOW - standard tell us about your business.png

      There are 7 questions or fields to provide information in the standard flow. Only 2 questions are mandatory, the others do not require information to be added.  
      • What type of business is it?*
      • What is the Language of the site?*
      • What year was the company established?
      • What is the company mission?
      • Company description (short)
      • Company description (Long)
      • Logo

        Only 2 questions are mandatory, the others do not require information to be added.  The information provided here will appear in templates with the appropriate global data tags added. 

        Once information is added here, click Finish. This concludes the standard flow. The website will be built, and a preview link of the created site will appear. 

6. AI Content Creator*

Note: This is only available if an AI template has been selected.

Created content - Text - 2.png

In the AI Content Creator portion of the flow, you could see the following sections: Texts, Testimonials, Products, Services and Gallery. These sections correspond to the Category parameter of the AI tag. Read more about AI tags here. 

Created Content.pngCategory - correspond.png

Only the "category" tags applied in the template will appear as categories in the AI Content Creator. If a specific template does not include an AI tag with a specific category, that category will not appear in this AI Content Creator section. 

For example, if a template does not include a Product section with the relevant product category applied in an AI tag, then there will be no product content to review and approve. 

How much content, including the topic (welcome, services, FAQ, etc.) and type (title, description, etc.), you want generated by AI is also up to our Partners. This means that the amount and type of tags you include in the template will also impact the amount of content you can review and approve in the flow.  

This means that the specific Quick Creator AI flow a user experiences is dependent on the template selected. 

Once content has been reviewed and approved, this ends the Quick Creator AI flow. The AI content will be auto-filled in the appropriate AI-tagged site elements. A link will be generated for the user to preview and share with prospects. 

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