Determine level of spam protection on all your websites

Any website with contact forms risks receiving spam messages that may clutter the website owners email inbox and cause them to overlook real form submissions.

There are several measures that website owners and digital services providers can take in order to limit the amount of spam. 

You also have the option of determining the overall level of spam protection on your reseller account. This will apply to all contact form submission elements on websites created after the level of spam protection has been changed. Be aware that the new spam protection level won't be applied to existing sites. 


Levels of spam protection

You can choose between three levels of spam protection. The higher the level, the more often visitors will be flagged as "suspicious" by the reCAPTCHA technology which will display a human validation check before allowing the visitor to submit the form.

  1. Low: reCAPTCHAs will not be shown often and are not difficult to solve.
  2. Medium (default)
  3. High: reCAPTCHAs will be shown often and are relatively difficult to solve.

  Which level should I choose?

We advise you to start with the Medium option (the default) and keep an eye on the amount of spam coming through on contact forms. Based on those observations, you can request a different level of spam protection.


How to request change of spam protection level

In order to switch to a different level of spam protection, please create a ticket with the Mono Service Team and request it. Keep in mind that the change will apply to all new websites on your account. For options on including the spam protection on existing websites, please contact our Service Desk

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