GDPR user data report and deleting data

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Please note that this tutorial is based on Mono’s previous interface version, V5. However, most of the principles and functionalities still apply in the latest version of our software.


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From Thursday, 14.06.2018


Q1: What is the right to data portability?

A: The right to data portability is part of the new GDPR regulation. It means that consumers have the right to go to any company and ask for the information that the company has on them. Mono has made it convenient for SMBs to do this with the User Data Report.


Q2: Why is a blog comment considered as user data?

A: A blog comment is personally identifiable as it requires name and email to be submitted. Hence it falls under the personal data spectrum and must therefore be included in any user data reports generated.


Q3: Under the User data report is there a way of viewing all user data instead of searching?

A: Unfortunately not right now as the tool is created to get an overview of specific user data and not user data in general. Our Users in CRM is the closest you get to getting a more general overview of your data. 


Q4: In the Form Module Settings there is now a new option for Data Collecting. Can you explain what this is for?

A: The Data Collection in our Form Module is not a new feature but it's more relevant due to GDPR. If you enable this feature data is then both send to the email included under email recipient and stored in CRM under Forms. Having this feature enabled is a good way of keeping a manageable overview of all user data. If you're interested in knowing more about our Form Module, read this article.

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