Replacing Google Analytics with a GDPR-compliant data system

Google Analytics is currently used by Mono to collect and show data about site visitors on the Editor. However, in July 2023, Google will sunset the current version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) and replace it with G4 Analytics. 

Due to GDPR issues related with Google Analytics, Mono has decided not to implement the new version as it is not our belief that G4 Analytics would be complying with GDPR. Instead, we will be creating our own self-hosted analytics structure to collect and display the same data. 

The new system won't in any way collect PII information, and won't use unique IPs. Mono will be self-hosting, governing, and controlling the system and the data in it. 


What does this change mean for me as a partner?

The change from Google Analytics to the new system will not be visible to our partners and their customers. Concretely, the same data will be displayed in the user interface of the Editor, and no action will be required from your part as a partner or site owner. The transition will happen in the background and will be handled by our teams. 

If you use our dashboard for showing stats, together with your own Google Analytics implementation for specific sites, please be aware that the data shown in your GA dashboard (outside Mono) and in the Mono dashboard might differ to some extent. 

If you wish to keep using your own Google Analytics (G4) account to collect data from your site(s), you can. However, the data coming from Google Analytics will not be displayed on the Dashboard of the Editor.

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