How to set up Mono Scheduling in five easy steps

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From Tuesday, 07.08.2019



Q1: How can I style Mono Scheduling?

A: The Scheduling button and wizard are the two main elements that can be styled when setting up Scheduling on your website. Naturally, both elements inherit styling from Global Design in order to make the setup process consistent and easy. However, you are able to change the styling of both elements if you prefer. Read this article in order to learn more about it.


Q2: How do I have to set it up if I want to sell Mono Scheduling as a sell-alone?

A: You can embed the Scheduling wizard on any external platform and, thereby, accept bookings directly from other websites, Facebook, listings pages, or anywhere else that supports embedded HTML. Appointments booked through external platforms will appear in your Calendar view in the Editor. Once you have the subscription added, you set it up exactly the same way as explained in the video, except for step 4 and 5. Under Scheduling > Settings > Widget embed, you will find the embed code. Copy the html code and integrate it to your external platform. Read this article to learn more about using Scheduling externally.


Q3: How do we get Mono Scheduling on our reseller account?

A: You get Mono Scheduling by reaching out to your PSM (Partner Success Manager) and ask them to get a new contract about Mono Scheduling. Once you received the new contract, you can get Mono Scheduling integrated on your reseller account.

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