How to use Mono Scheduling on external platforms (Scheduling embed)

You can embed Mono Scheduling on any external platform and, thereby, accept bookings directly from other websites, Facebook, listings pages, or anywhere else that supports embedded HTML. You don't need to create a Mono website for this as you can use Mono Scheduling as a standalone solution. Follow the steps in this article to successfully set up Mono Scheduling on external platforms. 


Start a new account

The first step in using Mono Scheduling as a standalone solution is to create a new account in RAI with the subscription type Scheduling Embed. This subscription type is free of charge and essentially creates an empty website "shell" required for being able to open the Editor and access Scheduling.

Follow the steps below to create an account with Scheduling Embed.

  • Click the Create Account button in RAI.
  • Add the required information to the account (name, email, username, password and language).
  • Under Add subscription, select the subscription type Scheduling Embed.
  • If you have several versions of the Editor available on your account, make sure to choose the version II.
  • Finally you need to pick a template for the account. The actual template will not be visible in the Editor as the the Scheduling Embed subscription prevents any kind of website styling to take place, but the design from the template chosen here will affect the appearance of the Scheduling wizard when integrating it on external platforms. Read more about this below.
  • Click on Create account and start subscription to create the account.



  Design of the Scheduling wizard

Please note that when accessing a website with the Scheduling Embed subscription added, you only have access to the Scheduling product within the Editor. This means that you can't access and modify the website, Global Data, Global Design, etc. The design parameters of the template that you attach to the account will therefore determine the styling of your Scheduling wizard. Be aware that the design may be overwritten by the coding/styling on the external platform where you're embedding Mono Scheduling.


Add a Scheduling subscription

The second step in using Mono Scheduling as a standalone solution is to add a Scheduling add-on subscription to the account you have just created. This is a paid subscription which enables the actual use of Scheduling on the account. 

Follow the steps below to add the subscription.

  • Head to the account page of the account you've just created.
  • Click the Subscriptions tab.
  • Scroll down to the section Scheduling subscription, click on Add scheduling, and select the subscription Scheduling from the drop down list.


You (or the end user) can now open up the Editor and start setting up Scheduling.

  SSL wildcard required

Please note that you need to have a wildcard SSL certificate enabled on your reseller account in order to be able to have Mono Scheduling embedded successfully on external platforms as most platforms prevent non-SSL-protected content from opening properly. If you currently don't have a wildcard SSL on your account, please create a ticket with the Mono Service Team and request it. Please note that to enable the wildcard SSL certificate for your Editor subdomain, sandbox subdomains and initial website subdomains, Mono will charge a one-time set up fee of €400/$450. You will not be charged ongoing, additional fees on top of that.


Set up Scheduling in the Editor 

Setting up Scheduling only requires a few steps. Click the links below to read more.


Integrate Scheduling on external platforms

Once you've defined your basic settings, services and staff members, you're ready to embed Scheduling on an external platform. In order to do this successfully, it's important that you remember to click the Publish button in the Editor to populate all your settings.

The final thing you need to do is to retrieve the actual HTML embed code from within the Editor and paste it onto the external platform. Read how to do that here.


Manage appointments

Once the Mono Scheduling solution is successfully integrated on an external platform, visitors can start creating appointments directly on the Scheduling wizard overlay. Appointments created from external platforms appear in the Calendar view within the Editor. Read everything about managing incoming appointments here

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