The Uberall sync manager allows you to easily sync your website's Global Data to your Uberall account every time you publish your website. Please note that this is a one-way synchronization from the Editor to Uberall. 

Find the Uberall sync manager under Integrations on the Editor's top navigation bar.



Synchronize Global Data to your Uberall account 

It requires two easy steps to successfully enable the synchronization of Global Data to your Uberall account. The first step required to activate the synchronization is to toggle Enable Uberall synchronization. The second step is to paste the Uberall location ID for the specific Uberall account to you want to synchronize Global Data to. 

Remember to save your settings once you're done.


Synchronized Global Data fields

The Uberall sync manager synchronizes the following Global Data fields to Uberall: 

zip, city, state, country, lat, long, phone, fax, email, description_short, description_long, legal information, opening hours, social media, payment methods, lists, videos, image.

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