The Google app manager allows you to easily sync your website's Global Data to your Google My Business page every time you publish your website.

Find the Google app manager under Integrations on the Editor's top navigation bar.



Connect to your Google account

The first step is to connect to your Google account. By clicking on the Connect to Google button, a new browser tab will open and you can log into your Google account where you have to give the Editor permission to synchronize data to your account. Once you have allowed the sync, you will now appear as logged in to your Google account and can select which of your Google-listed businesses (if you have more than one) you want the Editor to sync Global Data to.


If you at any future point wish to stop the sync, click the red Disconnect button.


Synchronization settings

Once the Editor is connected to your Google account, it's time to decide which Global Data items you wish to sync to your Google My Business page.


Toggle Synchronise Global Data to activate the sync. If this is untoggled, the Editor remains connected to your Google My Business account but it is not actively syncing Global Data. This option is useful if you want to temporarily stop the sync - for example in case you are rebuilding your website - but don't want to disconnect the Editor from your Google account entirely.

Toggle all or some of the remaining items on the list if you wish to sync them from Global Data to your Google My Business page.

Remember to save your settings once you're done.

  How often does data get synced?

Your data is synced from the Editor to your Google My Business page every time your website is published.

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