Mono Scheduling provides the most common features needed by a small business owners across many industries for easy online appointment booking. As a native offering on the Mono platform, management of bookings, staff and calendars is done seamlessly within the Mono interface. The intuitive booking flow allows customers to make bookings online 24/7. Automatic reminders and notifications via email and SMS reminders help SMBs improve communication with their customers about appointments and reduce ‘no shows’.

Mono Scheduling is also available as a standalone option and can be embedded on any platform that supports HTML embed, for example: websites built on another CMS, IYP/online listings, social media platforms and more. Customers using Mono Scheduling as a standalone option will login via the Mono platform to manage their bookings, staff and calendars.



Mono Scheduling is a truly affordable online appointment booking solution designed specifically to meet the needs and budgets of SMBs. Mono Scheduling is offered at a monthly flat rate fee with unlimited access to all aspects of the solution, ensuring ease of adoption for small businesses switching from a paper-based to a digital appointment booking. Mono Scheduling is ideal for businesses who offer the booking of services or staff like beauty salons, hairdressers, consultants & health services. This makes Mono Scheduling a concrete way to drive customer conversion on SMB websites, and helps deliver real value and measurable ROI for the SMB.

Please note that Mono Scheduling is currently not suitable for group bookings (e.g. fitness classes, events), hospitality establishments (restaurants, hotels and cafés) or reoccuring bookings.


Unique selling points

  • Affordable, monthly flat fee and unlimited use
  • Easy-to-use interface designed to engage SMBs in their digital presence
  • Easily manage on-the-go from smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Spend less time managing bookings as confirmations and notifications are automatically sent out
  • Reduce ‘no shows’ with automatic reminders via email and SMS*

*Note SMS reminders are subject to additional monthly charge


Benefits for digital service provider

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Enables DIWM concept where the service provider sets up scheduling; while the SMB manages the daily incoming bookings
  • New revenue opportunity
  • Creates a more ‘sticky’ website offering when tied with online scheduling
  • Drives a greater direct return-on-investment (ROI) on your SMBs’ digital presence


Go-to market strategies

Add-on offering: You can offer Mono Scheduling as an add-on subscription to your existing website packages, regardless of website platform. This makes it easy for your SMB customers to quickly see the ROI of an online appointment booking solution to their digital presence.

Bundled offering: You can offer a bundled website and scheduling package. This could be an attractive offering for service-based businesses, and helps differentiate your website offering.

Vertical approach: Take a vertical approach and focus on selling scheduling to specific industries that thrive on appointments (e.g. health & beauty, home services etc.).

Embed on websites built on other platforms: Expand your target audience and offer Mono Scheduling to customers that are already satisfied with their website provider. SMBs can login via the Mono interface to manage incoming bookings.

Embed on IYP or other online listings (e.g. Google My Business): Embed a button for Mono Scheduling on listings in order to encourage customers to book an appointment directly when they find an SMB online. This helps expand the opportunity for SMB to receive bookings. You can offer this as part of your scheduling offering and/or as an add-on option.

Embed on Facebook Business page: Embed Mono Scheduling as the direct link for the “Book/Reserve Now” button on the SMBs Facebook Business page to encourage more bookings and expand potential booking channels. Please note that a minimum of 2,000 likes is required on a page in order to add a “Book” button on a Facebook Business page. You can offer this as part of your scheduling offering and/or as an add-on option



Go-to-market examples


Example websites


Example on listings


 Communication inspiration

  • On convenience: “Let your customers book appointments when it’s most convenient”
  • On time: “Managing your calendar has never been easier” “Never miss an appointment” “Save time”
  • On conversion: “Accept bookings 24/7” “Let your website drive more conversions” “Reduce noshows” “See immediate ROI”
  • On staff management: “Easily gain an overview of your staff bookings”
  • On value: “Drive higher online conversion with on-site appointment booking”


White-label video

To help support your marketing of Mono Scheduling, we’ve created a white-label promotional video. You can see Mono's version of the video here:

In the white-label version, we're able to customize the video to include your logo, and translate on-screen text into your local language. We’ve put together a suggested script that we’ll need you to translate and record a voice over. For more information, please get in touch with Jasmine de Guzman, Partner Marketing Manager at


Upsell path

Upgrade to a website offering with scheduling: Encourage customers with a basic website offering to upgrade to a more advanced websites offering, and receive Mono Scheduling as an exclusive part of their website bundle.

Mono website & scheduling customers: Mono Email Marketing* is a great complementary product for Mono Scheduling, as it allows small business owners to actively reach out with relevant promotions and offers.

For those using an embedded version of Mono Scheduling: For SMBs that have Mono Scheduling embedded on their non-Mono website, a natural upgrade path is to offer them a Mono website. The benefits of this would be to have their digital presence managed through a single intuitive interface.

*Not yet available in the new interface


Getting started

  1. Get in touch with your Partner Success Manager to ensure that Mono Scheduling is included in your contract with Mono
  2. Book a kick-off meeting with the Mono team to discuss go-to-market approach, marketing and sales enablement
  3. Schedule product training with our education team
  4. Schedule a dedicated sales enablement session to introduce Scheduling to your sales team
  5. Configuration and setup: Internal testing
  6. Launch Mono Scheduling
  7. Post-launch 6 weeks recap - review success/discuss challenges/best practices review
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