The technical integration between Mono and Uberall allows SMB service providers to create fully-automated websites based on content from the Uberall listings network. Any content that is updated on the website is automatically synchronized back into the Uberall Listings Network. For SMBs, this means getting a professional online presence has become faster and easier than ever. For service providers, delivering professional and quality marketing services to the SMB market has become less costly and far more efficient to manage.

The integration enables Uberall customers to benefit from the powerful website builder on the Mono platform, and also allows Mono partners to automatically update SMB business data across Uberall’s Listings Network of over 100 platforms globally for local search.


Benefits for digital service provider

  • SMB service providers can deliver high-quality websites, while keeping maintenance costs low
  • The synchronization between the Mono platform and Uberall Listings Network ensures that SMB data-changes are automatically updated on all SMB listings in the Uberall Listings Network when a change is made on the website
  • Uberall customers can easily create professional websites on the Mono platform, including One-Click Sites, landing pages and more advanced websites and webshops 
  • Mono resellers can now easily and automatically update SMB data across platforms in the Listings Network by using the Uberall Location Marketing Cloud. This makes it hassle-free for resellers to ensure that their SMB customer data is always up-to-date


About uberall

Uberall powers sales through location data, using the innovative Location Marketing Cloud. Uberall enable companies to manage multi-site information in a centralized tool, enriching and securing data in a global range of directories, maps, social networks and navigation services, providing maximal findability for their stores, and enabling businesses to interact with their customers, wherever their business is mentioned online. The Uberall products, Engage, Listings and Locator empower businesses to transform online interactions into offline sales, all over the world.

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