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One-click sites, also called Quick Creator, is currently a Beta product. When used to create a website, the Quick Creator takes you through a series of easy steps that make the process simpler and quicker. This means that you can set up the websites entering only the most basic information (such as information on your business, choosing a font and basis colour, etc), while leaving the bulk of the content to later stages. This is useful if you prefer to divide your workflows between design and content, for example. 



Mono One-Click Sites are a fast and easy way to create search engine-friendly, one-page websites, in just a few clicks. The technology leverages structured data to automatically create a one-page website based on an intelligent pre-designed template that automatically shows or hides sections of the website depending on the content available from the data source. Other features include:

  • Add hero image, if one is not available from data source
  • Select custom color to match company branding
  • Choose one or more data sources, if needed

Please also note the following important limitations:

  • Content is 100% data-driven and cannot be edited
  • Pre-designed templates cannot be customized



Mono One-Click Sites are an entry-level and low-cost product for SMBs that do not yet have a website, or have an outdated website that is not responsive. One-Click Sites are ideal for businesses that have typically operated by word-of-mouth (electricians, plumbers, construction, gardeners, etc.) or otherwise have not yet been convinced a website is necessary. Mono One-Click Sites are a good way to establish a basic, yet professional digital presence to help drive conversion of new customers that primarily seeking information online. Mono One-Click Sites are effectively designed to build a base of entry-level customers with the intention of implementing an effective upsell/upgrade campaign to improve their digital presence with a more advanced website offering in the long-term.


Unique selling points

  • Establish an online presence
  • Very affordable price point
  • Best-in-class SEO incl. schema.org mark up of key business information
  • Fully-responsive website optimized for all screens
  • Easy to upgrade to a more advanced website offering based on the Mono platform and add-on other value-driving subscriptions, such as Mono Scheduling, Mono On-Site Engagement and more


Benefits for digital service provider

  • Fully automated production for finished product
  • Automated initial website production for starting point with structured data
  • Leverage/monetize existing data
  • Capture entry-level customers, and create long-term upsell opportunity


Go-to market strategies

Vertical approach: If you have a lot of rich data on a specific vertical, you could first target them in order to try and make a low-price sale. If you can prove the return-on-investment early-on, and make the argument that a more robust site could provide even more results, then it can lead to an upgrade.

Low cost, authoritative data approach: You can focus on the sale as being an authoritative structure data source, so that they business is optimized for local search queries and voice search using the correct data about their business – all at a low cost (or free). Then later approach them on the websites establish trust / have transactional significance – making the argument for an upgrade

Bundling approach: You can bundle a website with other entry-level offerings, such as an online directory listing or management of a Google My Business listing. By bundling entry-level digital products, it’s a good way to attract/segway “print only”/non-website customers into the digital world.

Lead generation approach: Leverage a company’s e.g. Facebook page to auto-generate a website and show it to them as a preview of their website could look like. If they are interested, then they can purchase the site and add more content (for available fields) OR alternatively directly purchase a more advanced website offering.



Go-to-market examples


Example websites


Communication inspiration

  • Based on price: “Less than $1 a day”
  • Based on establishing data control: “Control your key business info in the digital world“
  • Based on digital presence: “Get online quickly and easily and attract new customers”
  • Based on fulfillment: “Get started with little or no effort” (i.e. no need to deliver content/images)


Upgrade path

The basic positioning also makes Mono One-Click Sites an ideal target group for upgrades as their business grows. As the value of a One-Click Site is limited to establishing the SMBs’ digital presence, it is best to define a clear upgrade path of more value-adding website offerings. This can be done through for example, drip campaigns prompting the value of other digital offerings (e.g. scheduling) or quarterly check-ins with the SMB client.


Available data sources

  • Central Index
  • Yext
  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • Directories*
  • Any other structured data source, e.g. CRM system*

*Note: This requires custom integration


Getting started

  1. Get in touch with your Partner Success Manager to ensure that One-Click Sites is included in your contract with Mono
  2. Book a kick-off meeting with the Mono team to discuss go-to-market approach, marketing and sales enablement
  3. Schedule product training with our education team
  4. Schedule a dedicated sales enablement session to introduce One-Click Sites to your sales team
  5. Configuration and setup: API keys and testing
  6. Launch Mono One-Click Sites
  7. Post-launch 6 weeks recap - review success/discuss challenges/best practices review
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