Mono Email Marketing is an easy-to-use email marketing tool for small businesses, enabling them to connect with and grow their customer base. With the pre-designed email layouts users can effortlessly create new campaigns in the intuitive interface. The layouts are fully customizable, allowing the SMB to create a campaign that truly represents the business. Recipients can easily be managed and selected through the integration with Mono Customers, offering the possibility to target all customers or only specific customer groups.



Mono Email Marketing is an affordable email marketing solution specifically designed for small businesses. The interface is simple and easy-to-use which makes it easy for SMBs to create beautiful campaigns, regardless of previous experience. The Mono Email Marketing subscription is available with five different email volume options, and therefore your SMB clients can select the subscription that best fits the total number of email send outs that they need per month. Mono Email Marketing is the ideal solution for any small businesses that wants the ability to easily send out updates on products, special promotions, newsletters, event invitations, and much more. It allows the SMB to continuously reach out to customers and convert them into repeat buyers, ultimately driving ROI.


Unique selling points

  • Affordable and flexible subscription packages based on usage
  • Easy-to-use interface with a focus on simplicity
  • Create emails fast by using pre-designed email templates
  • Customize the design to fit the business and type of communication
  • Better communication between the SMB and their customers
  • Send out to all customers or target a specific group through Mono Customers
  • Built-in and accessible in the same interface as their website
  • Re-use customer data collected via website forms and Mono Customers


Benefits for digital service provider

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Enables DIWM concept where the service provider sets up email marketing; while the SMB creates and sends out specific email campaigns
  • Great opportunity to offer copywriting services to your SMB clients
  • Create a more comprehensive digital package that allows SMBs to professionally engage with their customers
  • New revenue opportunity
  • Creates a more 'sticky' website offering when tied with email marketing


Go-to market strategies

Add-on offering: You can offer Mono Email Marketing as an add-on subscription to your existing website packages. This makes it easy for your SMB customers to quickly see the ROI of an email marketing solution to their digital presence.

Bundled offering: You can offer a bundled website and email marketing package. This could be an attractive offering for product-based businesses, and helps differentiate your website offering.

Vertical approach: Take a vertical approach and focus on selling email marketing to specific industries that offer a changing range of products (e.g. retail sector), menus (e.g. restaurants), special offers and promotions (e.g. beauty & wellness, home services, and more).

Offer additional services: In addition to setting up Mono Email Marketing for your SMB clients, you can help them create professional campaigns by offering your copywriting services.



Communication inspiration

  • On ease of use: “Effortlessly create professional communication”
  • On time: “Quickly create beautiful and professional campaigns” “Save time on communicating to customers with email marketing”
  • On customization: “Customize campaigns to truly reflect the business” “ Send out targeted and personalized content”
  • On conversion: “Convert customers into repeat buyers” “Drive conversion by staying in the customers’ mind” “Inform about new products or promotions” “See immediate ROI” “Increase website traffic”
  • On branding: “Build brand recognition” “Share expertise via newsletters to build your brand”
  • On recipient management: “Easily manage who will receive the communication” “Target specific customer groups”
  • On value: “Drive higher conversion with engaging email campaigns” “The effort of one newsletter or email campaign can reach hundreds of customers”


White-label video

To help support your marketing of Mono Email Marketing, we’ve created a white-label promotional video. You can see Mono's version of the video here:

In the white-label version, we're able to customize the video to include your logo, and translate on-screen text into your local language. We’ve put together a suggested script that we’ll need you to translate and record a voice over. For more information, please get in touch with Jasmine de Guzman, Partner Marketing Manager at


Upgrade/upsell path

Upgrade to a website offering with email marketing: Encourage customers with a basic website offering to upgrade to a more advanced website offering, and receive Mono Email Marketing as an exclusive part of their website bundle.

Complimentary products: Get Mono On-site Engagements to drive newsletter sign ups; Mono Scheduling to drive booking, Mono E-commerce to sell online


Getting started

  1. Get in touch with your Partner Success Manager to ensure that Mono Email Marketing is included in your contract with Mono
  2. Book a kick-off meeting with the Mono team to discuss go-to-market approach, marketing and sales enablement
  3. Schedule product training with our education team
  4. Schedule a dedicated session to introduce Mono Email Marketing to your sales team
  5. Configuration and setup: Internal testing
  6. Launch Mono Email Marketing
  7. Post-launch 6 weeks recap - review success/discuss challenges/best practices review
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