The calendar provides a complete overview of all your appointments and the staff members who are going to perform them. Here you can edit the status of appointments (e.g. accept pending appointments, cancel existing ones, etc.), manually add new appointments directly in the calendar, and block out time.



Change view period and type

By default, the calendar shows the current week. At the top-right of the calendar you can switch the view to display either month, week, day or list. Clicking the date picker at the top-left of the calendar allows you to navigate straight to a past or future date of your choice. Click on "TODAY" to jump back to the default view (the current week).



Manage appointments

On the calendar view, appointments will have different background colors indicating which staff member they belong to. In Staff settings, you can assign each staff member a unique color which will show up on all their appointments on the calendar.

If an appointment has a white background color it means that it's pending and awaiting your action.

If an appointment has a solid background color it means that it's been approved.

If an appointment appears with greyed out text on it, it's either been cancelled, rejected or rescheduled.

Click on an appointment to open it up in a new overlay from where you can move it to a different status. Here you can also view the customer's name and contact details, as well as make changes to the appointment.



  1. Delete appointment: delete the appointment from your calendar. Please note that this removes all the details about the booking as well as the contact information provided by the customer. The customer won't get any notification messages about this change.
  2. Reschedule and edit appointment: change the date and time of the appointment, or the staff member or type of service being provided. You can also edit the customer's information if they have changed and write an internal message that is only visible on the calendar view (the customer won't see it).

  Statuses and notifications

Read this article to learn more about the different statuses and which notification messages they trigger to customers.

Every time you move an appointment to a new status, you have the option of adding a personal message to the customer, for example to inform them about special circumstances or to just add a personal touch.

The message will be added at the bottom of the relevant notification email that goes out to the customer.


If you don't wish to include a personal message, just leave the text field blank and click the Don't send button. The notification email will still be sent out to the customer.

  What if I have disabled notification emails?

In case you have disabled a notification email type, personal messages can't be sent out with that type. For example, if you have disabled the email notification for rescheduled appointments, it's not possible to send out a personal message to the customer when you move an appointment to the rescheduled status (as no email is going out).  

Please note that the staff member booked for the appointment will not receive the personal message to the customer on their email notifications - only the customer will see it.


Add new appointment

You can add a new appointment directly to the calendar in case the customer didn't pass through the booking flow, for example if they called you and made an appointment by phone.

To add a new appointment manually, either click on an empty time slot on the calendar grid or click the Add button above the calendar and select Appointment from the overlay.


Fill in the appointment details and client details, and finish by clicking Save. The appointment will now show on your calendar.


Block out time

If a staff member will be temporarily unavailable to accept bookings, for example if they are undergoing training or are on holiday, you can block out time on their calendar. During this period of time, customers cannot select them as a provider of any service.

To block out time for a staff member, click the Add button above the calendar and select Block out time from the overlay.


Select which of your staff members to block out time for, specify the period to be blocked out, and add a title and description for the unavailability (for internal use only - you're visitors won't see these texts anywhere during the booking flow).

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