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The Editor's built-in Scheduling feature enables you to accept bookings from visitors made directly on your website - ideal for any provider of services where it adds value to let customers book in advance, for example auto repair shops, hairdressers, beauty studios, tax consultants, and within many other industries.

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Click here to watch an introduction video to Scheduling and learn the basics of setting up services and staff members.


Onboarding process

In order to properly build your Scheduling properties and complete the initial setup, the Editor enables you to go through the Onboarding wizard, as well as the Onboarding guide. Follow this onboarding process, and you'll be able to get your Scheduling up and running in only a few short steps.


Onboarding wizard

The wizard guides you through the initial Scheduling setup as soon as you open the Scheduling section in the Editor. Following its three steps will help you easily arrange all the essential information necessary to activate the usage of your Scheduling product.


  Please note

The wizard is only showing the first time you go to the Scheduling section in the Editor.


Follow these steps to successfully complete the initial setup:

  1. Enter your information. Give details of your business to ensure the right data is shown when a user books one of your services. During this step, you'll need to fill in your name, your company's name, your email, and the country of residence. If you've filled this information out during the RAI setup, the data will automatically be preset.
  2. Add your first service. This step will let you set up your first service. You can name it, set its price and duration, as well as insert a short description for your customers. You can always edit the created service later, or add additional ones.
  3. Add your opening hours. Here you can enter your preferred days and hours of the day in which the customers can book their appointments. You can also edit your opening hours later on in accordance to your changing working schedule.

Based on the input from the wizard the following is set:

  • First staff
  • First service
  • General
    • Time zone
    • Time format
    • Date format
    • Language
    • Currency
    • Business name
    • Business email
    • SMS sender name
  • Business information (only the fields that have been filled out in RAI)
  • Opening hours


Onboarding guide

While the Onboarding wizard helps you set up all the essential elements in 3 easy steps, the Onboarding guide will take you through the main areas of Scheduling. In its 7 steps, the guide will explain all the core concepts of Scheduling leading you through its every available feature in a matter of minutes.


Follow the onboarding guide's steps and easily set up the essential properties of your Scheduling product:

  1. Create staff. Add staff members and associate them with the services you are providing.
  2. Create services. Create services that you want your visitors to be able to book.
  3. Create appointments. You can create an appointment in your calendar or block out the time you're not available to take bookings.
  4. Allow your customers to book an appointment. Add the Scheduling button to your website to start accepting online bookings.
  5. Check the booking experience for your customers. This step will help you visualize how the booking process will look like for your customers.
  6. Manage appointments. Get an overview of the various appointment statuses in list view and see which notification messages they trigger to the customer and staff member booked.
  7. Watch the full tutorial.


Booking flow from the visitor's perspective

When booking an appointment, the visitor goes through the following steps on your website:


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