Once you're done with your basic configuration, the next step is to create the services that you want visitors to be able to book through your website.

Click on Services in the left-side menu to view a list of your current services and get started with creating new services. 



Click the Create service button to add a new service to your list. In some cases it might be time-saving for you to duplicate an existing service and re-use the related information and/or images. Duplicate a service by ticking the box next to it and clicking the Duplicate button. 

You can always delete unwanted or discontinued services from your list by ticking the box next to the relevant service(s) and clicking the Delete selected button.


Add information about the service

Write in the name of the service and a brief description of it. The name of the service is what visitors will see on the service selection list when they are performing a booking on your website, so make sure it's clear and concise. 

In the service description field you can format your text using the Text Editor.

If you're operating with multiple languages, make sure that you fill in a title and description for all the languages you support.


Add the price of the service

Type in the price you are charging for this service. If your price contains a decimal, make sure to use a full stop (.) and not a comma (,).

  Prices and payments

The current version of Scheduling does not support direct online payments for services. Payment between service provider and customer must therefore be arranged to take place in another environment, for example through in-store credit card or cash purchase. It might be a good idea to add payment information in the service description to clearly inform visitors about your payment conditions.  


Specify service duration

Inform the visitor about the duration of the service, i.e. how long time they should expect the service to take. Input the duration (minutes) in the field or drag on slider. Service duration also defines how much time an appointment will take up in your calendar.


Service visibility

A service can have three different visibility settings:

  • Public: the service can be selected by visitors and can also be selected in Calendar view when you are manually adding an appointment.
  • Internal: the service cannot be selected by visitors but can be selected in calendar view when you are manually adding an appointment.
  • Inactive: the service cannot be selected by visitors and cannot be selected in calendar view when you are manually adding an appointment.


Add images 

Attach one or more images to your service, indicating to visitors what the service is about. Upload images from your hard drive or select images you have previously uploaded from your File Library. If you have added multiple images, the first one (furthest to the left) will serve as the main image and is the one that visitors will see on the service list when they are performing the booking. 

  Cropping images

It's recommended that you use square images of your services as they tend to display best, both on the website and within Scheduling where they are automatically rounded. If you've uploaded an image that isn't square (i.e. without identical height and width proportions), you can click on Edit next to the image to open it up in the Image Editor. There you can use the Transform feature to resize your image to a square. Read more about the Image Editor here.


Associate staff members with the service

Select which of your staff members you want to perform the service. If you haven't created any staff members yet you can always come back to this later on or do it the other way around by associating services to staff members on their respective staff profiles. 

If more than one staff member has been associated with the service, visitors can select which person they want to perform the service before they proceed to the date/time selection screen. If only one staff member has been associated with the service, the system automatically selects that staff member and visitors will be taken directly to date/time selection screen after having selected the service.

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