Scheduling content collection, several employees

If you haven't read the article, Scheduling Content Collection, it's recommended to read it before continuing this article as it covers the first steps of using the scheduling content collection template. 



Why having specific pages for each employee?

This article covers how to set up the scheduling content collection template when you have several employees who each have their own SMB customers they're responsible for. This is to avoid that all employees get spammed with irrelevant emails when other employees' SMB customers submit the scheduling content collection form. 


Page set up

Once you've completed the step-by-step guide from the article, Scheduling Content Collectionit's easy to complete the set up for several employees. 

  1. Duplicate the Home page with the content collection form as many times as you have employees that want their own scheduling content collection page
  2. Change the name for each page to the name of the employee or if you have a specific naming structure you want to follow. Please note that you don't need to hide the pages as this website doesn't include a navigation



Form set up

Once you have the pages you need, go to each page and change the following information for the form module.

  1. Go to settings of the form
  2. Change email recipient to the specific employees email (so that they only will receive emails when a form is submitted from this page)
  3. Change the data collection name to the name of the employee so that they can recognize their submitted forms under Customers > forms.



You're now done setting up the scheduling content collection site for several employees. Each employee can then send out their own form page by using: 


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