Setting up Mono Scheduling is easy once you have the right information to include from your SMB customer. Getting this information can sometimes be a quite challenging and we've therefore created an easy way to collect the right information for completing a set up of scheduling.  



The concept of the content collection website

We've created a template including the right questions to ask, which you easily can copy to your reseller account in RAI and add your company’s branding in a few steps. This way you can send out the website and collect the content via the form module, get the filled out content sent directly to your email and additionally save it in the Customer section of the Mono Editor.


  Pay for the website

Please note that, just like any normal website, you’ll have to pay for a website subscription for the content collection website.


The process

Follow the process below to complete the setup of the Scheduling Content Collection website. 



  1. Create a new account with a landing page or professional subscription and include the template id: 1237983
  2. Buy and attach the desired domain to the website 


The Editor

  1. Change the logo to your company logo in Global Data > Logo.
  2. Add your company information in Global Data > Business Information (Company name, address, phone number and email). This information will be included in the footer and the email will additionally automatically be included in the form to receive all submitted forms.
  3. Adjust global colors to your company colors
  4. Publish the website and send the link to SMB customers who want scheduling on their website


Collect content 

You can collect the form content in two different ways, by email and in the Customer section of the Editor. It's recommended to do both - the email will make you aware of the content coming in and the Customer section will be your backup if you accidentally delete the email.



Receive content by email

All forms submitted on the Content Collection website will by default be sent to the email that's included under global data > business information. If you want several people to receive an email with the submitted form go to the settings of the form and add the right email recipient. If you want to add more than one recipient include the emails and separate by comma. 



Collect content in Customers

The form is by default set to collect the forms submitted from the website in the Customer section of the Editor. You find the content under Customers > forms and by the name Scheduling content collection. You have the option to download the content from the Customer section as a csv file by clicking the download button. 



If you have several employees who's each responsible for their own customers, read this article to get inspired on how to easily set it up in the Editor.


Want to use another survey tool?

If you're using another content collection tool but still want to use the questions created by Mono, you can download an English and German word document including all the questions below:

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