Use the Timify button module to make it easy for your visitors to schedule an appointment from your website by simply clicking a button. You can add a Timify button module by selecting Timify button under the category Scheduling in the Add module overlay. With scheduling modules you can let visitors make bookings directly on your website.


  You must have a Timify account

You can only use the Timify button module if you have registered a Timify account.



Hover the module and click on Content, Design, or Settings on the dropdown to edit your Timify button module.



The text on the Timify button is by default "Book appointment online". Change the text by typing in the desired button text in the field Button text.

Timify booking ID: you activate the Timify button module on your website by inserting your Timify booking ID. To find your booking ID, log in to your Timify account and head to Online booking > Integration. Find your Timify booking ID at the bottom of the screen and copy-paste it into the Editor. 


  Generating a booking ID

In Timify, remember to toggle Online booking at the top left of the screen. If this is not toggled you will not be able to generate a booking ID.

In the Editor, you have the option to add an icon on your Timify button by selecting one from the list. The icon will be highlighted by an outline once selected. Remove the icon by clicking it again so that it's no longer highlighted. 



The Design section is where you change background, border and spacing of your Timify button module. For more specific styling options, click on More local design options. Toggle each specific element to expand the design options. For a detailed walkthrough of all styling parameters, please refer to the dedicated styling guide.



It's possible to track how many times visitors have clicked the Timify button. Give your button a name for tracking purposes and write it in the field Custom tracking name. The data will feed into the statistics overview on your dashboard under Custom Actions. Read more about Visitor Statistics here.

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