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Please note that this tutorial is based on Mono’s previous interface version, V5. However, most of the principles and functionalities still apply in the latest version of our software.


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From Thursday, 03.05.2018 



Q1: Can I cut/change the time frame of the video if you want it to start in the middle? 

A: No, you can’t edit the time frame in the editor. You can use the HTML module and set a specific time frame in the video hosting source, which is possible for most video hosting sources. E.g. on YouTube you have the possibility to choose a specific start time under share > embed > check the box 'start at' > choose the starting time of the video > copy embed code.


Q2: How many videos can you have on a site?

A: You can have as many videos you want to, especially as we don’t host the videos and they therefore aren’t as heavy for the site. Even though we don't host the videos they're still quite heavy and we therefore recommend that you don’t have more than two on a page and ideally only one as the more videos the more heavy it is.

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