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Please note that this tutorial is based on Mono’s previous interface version, V5. However, most of the principles and functionalities still apply in the latest version of our software.


Turn your website into a near-native app with the PWA setting


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From Wednesday, 29.08.2018



Q1: Does the user need to access the website first in order to save it as an 'app' on their phone?

A: Yes, in order to be able to cache the site, the visitor needs to access the website through their browser and then add it to their home screen.


Q2: Does Mono charge for the PWA feature?

A: No, it's completely free! You will be able to use it regardless of site subscription type. 


Q3: Will you have any stats to report on this (KPI) to help showcase the value of it?/ reporting on the apps?

A: No, we do not have any site specific statistics from the App. However, generally speaking, AppInstitute (2017) states an average increase of more than 68% in mobile traffic from PWAs. For end users, use cases document 70% less data usage, 24x less storage, and drastically faster load times.


Q4: What content types will be cached? Text and photos?

A: Exactly, both text and pictures will be cached in the PWA.


Q5: What happens if I click on an external link on a site opened as an app with PWA?

A: The link will open in your default browser.

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