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Please note that this tutorial is based on Mono’s previous interface version, V5. However, most of the principles and functionalities still apply in the latest version of our software.


Learn how to create interactive features with On-Site Engagements.


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From Thursday, 05.04.2018


Q1: How many on-site engagements can I activate at the same time?

A: You can add as many on-site engagements as you wish and, more importantly, you can have multiple on-site engagements active simultaneously, but they will not be triggered at the same time. In that case, you might wonder what is the engagements queueing system, or in other words, in what order are the multiple engagements displayed?

The order in which the on-site engagements are displayed is by default from the oldest to the newest, i.e. the oldest on-site engagements shows as first in the queue, following the order in which they are added in the editor. Closing the first engagement will trigger the second one and so on (see illustration below).

The only exception to this rule is Sticky Engagement which will always be visible and displayed at the same time as "regular" engagements.


On-site engagements


Q2: When will it be possible to customize contact forms?

A: We're not sure whether it will be possible to customize contact forms yet. If this is a feature requested by multiple partners we'll take it into consideration.


Q3: Can you add custom Apps or iframes inside an engagement?

A: No, our On-Site Engagements come out of the box and we don't allow any custom HTML or integrations inside the engagements. 

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