How to upgrade One-Click Sites

You can upgrade your One-Click Site to an editable version where you're able to make content, layout, and styling changes to the site in the Editor. You also have the option of further upgrading it to a multi-page site subscription if you wish to have more than just one page on your site. 


Follow these steps to upgrade your One-Click Site in RAI:

  • Click on the specific site ID
  • Go to Subscriptions
  • Click on the blue Upgrade button 
  • In the dropdown you'll only see one option - oneclick_locked (this is a paid One-Click Site subscription) 
  • When you've activated the oneclick_locked subscription, you have the option to further upgrade to three different subscriptions: oneclick_editable: 1 yr; Monthly: 1 mth; and Yearly: 1 yr. Monthly and Yearly are multi-page site subscriptions. 

  Change of subscription

When you change the subscription of your One-Click Site to a One-Click Site Editable or a regular, multi-page site, the Template Rules will no longer work. This means that when you add or remove content in Global Data it will not automatically change the layout of the website i.e. add or remove sections on the site. 


Overview of subscriptions 

Below is an overview of the One-Click Sites subscription options.



One-Click Trial

The One-Click Trial subscription is the default subscription that new One-Click Sites are started on. As with other trial subscriptions, the One-Click Trial subscription needs to be upgraded or the site will be deleted after two months where it will expire. You always have the option of upgrading the trial subscription manually at any time within the two months. 


One-Click Locked

The One-Click Locked subscription is a one-year subscription, meaning that the subscription will get renewed or deleted (depending on the on-expire settings) after 12 months. This subscription gives you the same options in the Editor as the One-Click Trial subscription. The difference between the Trial and the Locked subscription is that you have the possibility to add a domain to your website when you use the One-Click Locked subscription. 


One-Click Editable 

The One-Click Editable subscription is a one-year subscription and will get renewed or deleted (depending on the on-expire settings) after 12 months. This One-Click subscription is different from Trial and Locked as it unlocks the builder section in the Editor and gives you the option to change layout and styling on your site.

  You are only charged for the active subscription

Mono will charge you every time you upgrade to a paid subscription but you will only be charged for one active site subscription at a time. For example, let's say you upgrade from a Trial to a one-year Locked subscription in January. Mono will charge you the yearly fee stated in your reseller contract. In March, you upgrade the site again from a Locked to a one-year Editable subscription. In this case, you will be charged the price of the Editable subscription and Mono will refund you the value equivalent to what remains of the Locked subscription (10 months). Please also be aware that you might be charged a one-off upgrade fee when you upgrade a subscription. Refer to your reseller contract with Mono for a full overview of fees.     

As the subscription unlocks access to the Editor, the Template Rules are no longer valid. The difference between this subscription and a "regular" website subscription is that this subscription only allows you to have one page on your site. 

  Only one page will be published

Be aware that you're able to add several pages in the Editor, but as the subscription doesn't allow more than one page, the added pages will not be visible on the published site. You will only be able to view and access the additional pages in the Editor and on preview.


Multi-page sites

If you want to add more pages to your One-Click Site, you can upgrade it to a "regular" website subscription where you'll be charged either monthly or yearly. The price and number of pages allowed in these subscriptions depend on your reseller agreement with Mono. 


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