How to edit One-Click Sites

When creating One-Click Sites, you have the possibility of editing the content of the site after it's been created. You're not able to edit any layout or styling of One-Click Sites and, therefore, won't have access to the "Build" section in the Editor. When opening a One-Click Site in the Editor, you'll only have access to the following tabs:

  • Home
  • Settings
  • Content
  • CRM
  • APPs

  How to change styling and layout on One-Click Sites

To be able to edit styling and layout of a One-Click Site, you'll have to upgrade the subscription to either a One-Click Site Editable subscription or a "regular", multi-page website subscription. Both subscriptions will remove the intelligent template rules that automatically add sections to the website when you add new content in Global Data.


How to edit content

When working with One-Click Sites, you have the possibility to modify all the content on the site. You change this in the Content tab in the Editor. There you'll find a list of different content types that you can include on your One-Click Site. Click the links below to get information about the specific content type:

  • Business information
  • Opening hours
  • Structured lists
  • Gallery*
  • Websites
  • Social
  • Videos
  • Offers
  • Reviews
  • Payment methods
  • Downloads
  • Legal
  • Global Data sets
  • File Manager
  • 301 redirects



*Note that One-Click Sites are set up to include up to a maximum of 12 images in the Gallery on the site. Even if you upload more than 12 images in Content, only 12 images will appear on the published site. 



The template used for One-Click Sites is based on a set of Template Rules which ensure that the information you add in the content fields will be added correctly and systematically on the site. For example, if you add a video in Content > Videos, a video section will automatically be added on your One-Click Site. If you delete the video from Content, the section on the site will automatically disappear. The procedure is the same for all other content areas. 


301 Redirects

301 redirects are permanent redirects from one URL to another; this means that if you have old URLs but wish to maintain their SEO value, you can redirect them to your new One-Click Site.


How to add a privacy policy and legal texts

In order to comply with local data privacy regulations, you may want to add one or more legal texts explaining how you collect, manage, and store data on your website. The One-Click Site template is designed to create up to two extra pages based on which fields you have filled out in Global Data > Legal. All the texts you have entered will be contained in those two pages. 

The illustration below shows what triggers the extra pages to be generated. 




Please note that the pages will be generated if any of the corresponding legal text fields have been filled in. For example, if you only fill in [legal_text_4] but none of the other legal texts or headlines, the page Legal Information will still be generated. Similarly, if you only fill in [legal_privacy] but not [legal_header_privacy], the page Privacy Policy will be generated.

The two extra pages are hidden, meaning they won’t display in the site header. Instead, links to the pages will automatically be generated in the bottom row on the Home page. The links will only appear if the pages have been generated. For example, if you haven’t filled in [legal_privacy] or [legal_header_privacy] in Global Data, the Privacy Policy page won’t be generated and the Home page won’t contain a link to it in the bottom row.

The appearance of contact forms on the website

The appearance of contact forms on the One-Click site will differ depending on whether the Global Data field [legal_privacy] has been filled in or not. If [legal_privacy] is filled in, forms will contain a mandatory consent asking the user to confirm that they’ve read and accept the privacy policy. The consent links to the Privacy Policy page so users can easily open and read it. If [legal_privacy] is not filled in, forms will not contain a consent tick.





How to change conversion goals

Selecting a different conversion goal will alter the layout of your site as the conversion goal you choose will become the main focus point of your website. You change the conversion goal of the website in Content > Business information. You can choose between four different conversion goals: neutral, email, phone, and deal. 



How to change site settings

In Settings in the Editor, you can set up items site such as language of the Editor interface, cookie notifications, favicon, etc. 

Following is a list of the items you find under Settings:

  • Language
  • Optimize for Google Speed
  • Date and formats
  • Global HTML tags
  • Favicon
  • Cookie notification
  • Enable public preview
  • Editing mode
  • Automatic language detection
  • Lazy loading images
  • Age verification
  • Disable auto-publish 



Customers and Integrations

In the Editor you have, by default, access to the Customers and Integrations tabs.



The One-Click template is set up to automatically feed contact form submissions into Customers > Forms. There you can view all the forms that have been submitted on your website from the time of creation. Read more about managing form data here.



In the Integrations section you can manage how your site talks with different integrations. This section is also where you find On-Site Engagements when you've added the subscription in RAI. Integrations and On-Site Engagements work in the same way as on "regular" websites. You'll see the following items in the Integrations section: 

  • On-Site Engagements (if subscription is added in RAI)
  • Sitemap submission
  • Facebook APP Manager
  • Google APP Manager
  • Yext Sync Manager


Preview and Publish

You find the Preview and Publish buttons in the top right corner of the Editor. The buttons will only be visible when you are in the Content tab of the Editor. You can preview your One-Click Site at any time to get an overview of the different settings you're implementing and how they look on your website. When you're done adding content to your website, click on the Publish button next to Preview and your changes will be live.


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