How to create One-Click Sites

After you've configured the One-Click Site Generator, you're ready to start producing One-Click Sites. Creating a One-Click Site is quick and easy. This article will guide you step-by-step on how to create a One-Click Site and what information you'll need to put in along the way.


The One-Click Site Generator is configurable which means that all listed elements in this article might not be included on your Generator, depending on your specific settings and customizations.

How to access the One-Click Site Generator

You get access to the One-Click Site Generator directly through this URL or through RAI. To get access to the Generator from RAI, you'll need to have the Admin user role.

All user roles can access the Generator directly through the Generator login page, except for the Viewer and Quick Creator roles. The Viewer user role gets directed to RAI instead of the Generator.

  If you have access to multiple reseller accounts in RAI

Please be aware that if a RAI user has access to multiple reseller accounts in RAI, they cannot access the One-Click Site Generator and might see the following error message: "One-Click sites can only be created when the user has a single reseller connection". The way around this is to create a new user on the RAI account where you want to create One-Click sites and make sure that user only has access to that particular account.


Select layout type

The first choice when creating a One-Click Site is whether you want a full or fixed width website. Full width refers to the content area spanning the full width of the website body while fixed width refers to the content area being contained or "boxed".


Full width website



Fixed width website



Select a color

You can either choose one of the 24 listed colors or pick a custom color by inputting an RGB color value. The color you choose will be applied in three different gradients throughout your website: the color you've selected and a light and dark version of it, which are automatically generated.


Import business information

Depending on your individual Generator setup, you have different possibilities of fetching structured data for your website. Click on the content source that you want to use for the website. When you click on the content source, the area below will change according to what information is needed for that specific content source. For example, Google requires a business name or keyword while CentralIndex needs ID, keyword and postcode.

Enter the information needed and click the Search button. The Generator will list the results just below the Search button. If you want to make sure that the result contains the correct information, click on the result and the matching business information will appear in the content fields below.


  Select Editor version

If your account is configured to be able to create websites on both the New Editor Interface and the V5 Editor, you may be required to select between the two at this stage. Select V5 to start your One-Click Site on V5 and II (improved interface) to start it on the New Editor Interface.


Edit business information (optional)

You're able to edit or add information to the business information you've collected from the content source.


The information that you manually add in the content fields will overwrite the imported structured data from the content source.

If you don't have any structured data available from a content source, you're able to add all content manually in the content fields. Do this by leaving the content source information blank and type in information directly in the content fields.


Create website

After collecting or manually adding content, you're ready to create the website. Click Create Website.


Once the site has been created, you'll see four options (you might have less options depending on how your Generator is set up).

  • Create New Website: click this button if you want to create another website right away.
  • Recreate Website: click this button if you've added new information in the content fields after clicking Create Website. The information will be included on the website when you click Recreate Website.
  • Login to Editor: click this button to get to the Editor of the website. In the Editor, you're able to add more specific content or change business information.
  • See the published site: click this button to see your published site.


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