How to add a chatbot to your website with HTML

You can easily add a chatbot to your Mono website using Global HTML.


Step 1: Find a provider

First, you need to find a Chatbot that you wish to use. There are so many options out there. In this article, we have signed up for a free trial of Zoho SalesIQ who offer the chatbot Zobot. You should be able to add most chatbots on the market with HTML in a similar way that we show here. 


Step 2: Add provider's code to the Mono Editor

Now, we need to follow the instructions of creating a chatbot with SalesIQ. First, we sign up for a free trial, then we are prompted to add a code snippet to our body tag.

Adding a chatbot step 1.png


In Mono Editor, this means you need to navigate to Settings (top right corner of the Mono Editor) > Website Settings > Global HTML Tags and then insert this code in the body tag field. However this might differ depending on the provider, so make sure to check their instructions.

zoho step 2.JPG


Step 3: Click publish

Make sure to publish your website so your changes are reflected on the live site.


Step 4: Build the chatbot

In this case, the next thing we need to do is build the chatbot in Zobot. However again, this can change depending on provider. 

Once we have built and published a chatbot on Zobot, the bot immediately appears on my site.


chat pop up.JPG


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