One-Click Sites batch creation

Using One-Click Sites batch creation gives you the possibility to create several One-Click Sites at once by uploading a CSV file to RAI.

When using the One-Click Sites batch creation, RAI automatically merges the uploaded data with templates, imports the content from the specified source, and creates near-finished One-Click Sites. If you batch-create One-Click Sites, you won't need to use the One-Click Site Generator as the batch will be generated directly through RAI. 


How to batch-create One-Click Sites


You'll find the batch upload option in the Start Sites menu in RAI. To use the One-Click Sites batch upload function, you must first download the One-Click example file, which you'll find below the Upload One Click Data button.



The example file contains the 5 fields listed below: 

Template ID: Add the template ID of the template you wish to associate with each One-Click Site. You can choose from two different templates: one full width and one fixed width. 

  • Full width template ID: 748869
  • Fixed width template ID: 748873

Site ID: This field is optional; enter a Site ID if you wish to overwrite an existing site. When left blank, a new site will be created. You can find a site's Site ID in the Overview menu in RAI.

Content ID: Input the content ID of the data you want to include on the site depending on your chosen data source. 

Company Name: Fill in the company name. 

Locale: Input the country code for the language of the site, e.g. "fr" to get the site in French. The country code should always be inputted in lower case letters. The currently supported languages are: bg, da, de, en, es, es-am, fi, fr, fr-ca, hr, id, it, lt, lv, nl, no, pt, pt-br, ro, ru, sl, sv, tr.


Uploading the batch file


To upload the CSV file, click the Upload One Click Data button and complete the fields listed below:

  1. Source File: Upload the .csv file and remember to tick the box below in case your CSV file was saved from Microsoft Excel for Mac.
  2. Content Source: Define the content source from which you wish to retrieve content for your One-Click Sites. Your available content source options depend on your reseller agreement with Mono.
  3. Publish: Decide whether you want to auto-publish sites after creation.
  4. Index: Decide whether you want to index sites after creation. When this option is ticked, search engines won't index the sites.
  5. Batch Name: Give the batch a descriptive and easily identifiable name.
  6. Upload: Once you have completed all the relevant fields, click on Upload to be directed to the confirmation page.



When you have uploaded your One-Click data CSV file successfully, you have to confirm and click the Start Site Production button.


One-Click Sites processing status

Once you have clicked Start Site Production, the system will start auto-generating the One-Click Sites by importing content and merging the uploaded data with the attached templates. You don't have to stay on the particular site during the rendering process as the system creates the sites in the background. The duration of the process depends on the size of the batch.



  1. Estimated time: This field displays the estimated time to completion of the batch upload. 
  2. Process bar: The progress bar indicates how far the process is and the success/failure rate below.
  3. Start sites from this batch: Click on this button to get an overview of completed Start Sites from this batch during the rendering process.


Completed One-Click Sites

When clicking on the Start Sites from this Batch button, you will be shown a list with all completed One-Click Sites from the batch. 


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