Why create websites in batches?

Using batch upload gives you the opportunity to create several websites at once by uploading a CSV file containing customer data. The batch upload function helps to reduce production time and cost as it provides you almost finished websites, also called Start Sites.

How it works: upload business-specific content data (company name, address, descriptions, etc.) for each of the customers you wish to create a website for. RAI automatically feeds the uploaded data into the corresponding Global Data nodes, merges the data with templates, and creates Start Sites.

To be able to use the batch upload function, you must download the Upload Batch Site Data example file in XLSX, which you find in the Start Sites section below the Upload Batch Data button. Read a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of the process here.

Here is a visual representation of how batch creation works: 



Content data

Content data refers to business information for each customer that you want to start a website for through the batch upload function. The XLSX file downloaded from RAI includes business information fields such as company name, address, mission, etc. Fill in the information you want included on the website. Each row represents content data for one company and will generate one website, so if you have 10 rows you'll get 10 websites. 



Each template in the template library in RAI has a unique Template ID. Include the Template ID for the specific template that you want to create a website on, in the XLSX file. 


Start sites

The system adds the uploaded data to the Global Data fields on the pre-produced template. The result of merging business data with a template is called a Start Site as it can be seen as an advanced "starting point" for a website. All start sites are automatically created with a free trial subscription and auto-published.

  How to get started with batch-creation

We've compiled a step-by-step guide that takes you through the entire process, from inputting data to uploading and validating entries. 


One-Click Sites 

You can both create "regular" and One-Click Sites with batch creation - to see how to create One-Click Sites with batch upload, click here.

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