How to build websites with the Quick Creator

The Quick Creator lets your sales team build mock-up websites fast using personalized templates tagged to specific industries. 

The salesperson only needs to enter the most basic information, most of which can be fetched automatically from Google My Business. The bulk of the content can then be added at later stages. This simplifies the process, shortens the sales cycle, and frees up the fulfillment team. It makes it possible to produce websites much faster. 

Follow these four steps to set up a website using the Quick Creator.


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How to access the Quick Creator

You can access the Quick Creator through the link:

Simply log in with your RAI login credentials. If you do not have those credentials yet, please contact your System Admin.


QC step 1.png



1. Enter the Business Details

Now that you are logged in, you can follow the Quick Creator flow to build a website.

The first step is to enter the Business Details of the company you wish to build the website for.

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You can either fill in the business details manually, by simply typing the details into the fields, or you can add the information automatically through Google My Business (GMB).

To add information automatically with Google My Business (GMB), fill in the ‘Company Name’ field and search by clicking the Loop Icon.

Under ‘Company Name’ we courage you to type in the full company name to achieve the best possible search results.

Please be aware you are limited to 200 searches per day, so look out for misspellings. You can request more searches through your own Google account if needed. 

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Once you have entered the Company Name, and pressed Search, you will get a list of businesses from GMB. Once you select the business that you want to go forward with, the information from GMB will automatically be filled out on the form.

QC step 4.png

The e-mail address must be filled out manually as it cannot be fetched with GMB.  

If the company cannot be found through your GMB search, you can always type the business details manually. 


2. Fill in account information (optional step)

Here, you can add the customer’s account information, such as name, e-mail and phone number. You can also assign them to a customer ID, but this is optional.


3. Add more company details (optional step) 

You can add more content to your website on the “Tell us more” page. This is an optional step, however adding more content could improve the look and feel of the website. This is helpful if you wish to present a more finished result to a prospective customer. 

The content will appear on different parts of the website depending on which template you are using, and how it has been personalized. For more information, please read our guide on setting up templates for Quick Creator in RAI.


You can add the following content:

  • Company Mission: A brief company mission statement.
  • Company Description Short: Brief description of what the company does.
  • Company Description Long: Here you can add more details, such as the company's products and services, as well as a brief statement on how the company helps their customers.
  • Company Logo: Add or drop file to select an image from your computer or drag and drop your image on the outlined area.


4. Select an industry-tailored template

For the final step, you are presented with a menu of industries on the left. Under each industry, you will find a selection of templates. You can see a preview of the templates on the right side. Select your preferred template by clicking on it.  

QC step 6.png


Which templates are available to me?

The templates are also created by the reseller and tagged to one or more industries. This means you can see which templates are available for the different industries and easily choose the one you need.  

The industries are hand-picked by the reseller. This allows the reseller to pick the exact industries their company serves. 

For more information on how to create and add a template for Quick Creator, please read our our guide on setting up templates for Quick Creator in RAI.


Start subscription and generate preview link

Your quick site is now done and can be shared with prospective customers! Simply send them a copy of the Preview Link that appears in this step.

When you create a Quick Site, you automatically start a trial subscription for it. The duration of the trial subscription can be defined in RAI.





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